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The Extended Qbase Community


The Qbase Development Team

OCT 25 2018

Dear Friends,

Re: Qbase Blockchain Development Vision

Please find enclosed our detailed software vision for your kind consideration.

At Qbase we are aware that creating client-oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our part time development team is not an exhaustive list. We are always looking for talented individuals who wish to join the team, for any work that they can offer us.

Between us, we have many years of experience in the blockchain industry and also very talented people who have worked for many years in the target industry. Please let us know if you would like to assist in any way. You may also wish to review our website at https://www.qbase.me to see our already existing cryptocurrency, working flawlessly on the Qbase Blockchain.

Finally, we realize that you are very busy and wanted to thank you in advance for your time spent reviewing our proposal.

Yours Truly,

Russell Gray Sneddon



Alpha phase

We revived an abandoned blockchain and salvaged all of the code to release Qbase v2.0. After meetings with targeted clientele and conducting focus groups, we are now working on a blockchain solution for the news industry which will verify content for editorial purposes. As you can all appreciate; the Qbase team are all part time and we have no developer funding, or investment to make this a reality overnight. We are a long-term community project which will focus on the eradication of fake news in the media.

Initially, we plan to build and release a closed-source product which will be utilised by newspaper and media industry picture-desks. This Blockchain solution will commit a transaction hash to each piece of copyrighted material which lands on the subscribed news desk.

This is will be our alpha phase in creating a secure environment for something which has been very insecure for some years.

How this works…

News desks receive content via FTP.. which we all know is far from secure. The Qbase blockchain will scan every incoming file/document/image/video for it’s unique content and copyright – reading both the metadata in the IPTC of the content and any text which the content contains. The Qbase blockchain will then commit a unique transaction hash to each item of content. This transaction hash can act as a unique ‘password’ for that particular content and through installation of a single master node within the secure environment of a newspaper/media server – store that tx hash on the Qbase blockchain, to verify that the content exists and is unique. Any duplicate content sent to the server will not be committed to the blockchain but will still be stored on the media server of the receiving organisation. This may indeed cause some conflicts in the database of the media server and this will be something which we will need to be prepared to attend and develop, once our test-case is running.

We already have a willing test-case company, who will remain anonymous.

The content which has been allocated a unique transaction hash can then also be ‘scored’ for quality by the editor of the media service using the Qbase service, thus allowing the media company to easily ascertain content by each individual freelance or staff journalist/photojournalist.

Utilising this vision for Qbase Alpha in photographic content is merely the first step to building a blockchain solution which can eventually identify ‘fake news’ and eradicate it from public view, leaving the important issues and stories of real public-interest at the top of the list on every news or media service, in the world.

Join us on our journey as we strive to bring a unique use-case to the world, on the Qbase Blockchain.

Qbase for the Quality Base of Media Content

Qbase for the Quick Base of easy access to Media Content

Qbase for the Quinessential Base of every Editors needs.

To donate to this project and help us bring our vision to reality, please donate BTC to

bc1qh6c990c6jg5rela9act7m49lxlpsznync699dn (new format BTC address for newer segwit wallets)

32ZjBuj6tSGiJtBKr5QvR9tmWVZ8XPZ1yU (backwards compatible BTC address)

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