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Qbase Team

GribblyGod of servers and bots
Gribbly is a networking security professional who contributes to a number of crypto projects as a hobby. He runs a bunch of pools and explorers, and was involved in QBase early on and provided the initial block explorer. He’s been involved with the revival of the coin, and helps maintain a number of services including pool, explorer and discord bots to the project. He also helps maintain the github and and ‘devops’ type function. He can normally be found lurking in the Discord channel.
HinyKen joined us during the vote to revive Qbase and was our main developer in the reworking of the code. After spending weeks of nights and days recompiling and testing Qbase, his work was checked and found to be of the highest quality. The community asked HinyKen to stick with us for the long haul, so he remains as our lead developer going forwards.
Ryan Lightbourn (CryptoNoobSaibot)
Ryan Lightbourn (CryptoNoobSaibot)Video & Motion Graphic Content Creator
Ryan has worked in the film industry for almost 10 years, directing, producing & filming content for companies such as Adidas, Universal Music Group, Alantic Records, Showtime Networks & Intel. His interest in Qbase stemmed from its community-oriented development & transparency from the developers.
cptWhiskeyCommunity Coordinator, Web & Graphics
cptWhiskey has been actively involved in the crypto space since 2012. Originally drawn to Qbase for their amazing community, he took an active role in reviving the community after the original devs abandoned the project. cptWhiskey currently maintains the Qbase website, and is a community coordinator.
Robin Van Der Elst (Crypto Balrog)
Robin Van Der Elst (Crypto Balrog)Social Media Guru
Crypto Balrog has good social media skills to inform everyone what’s going on behind the walls. He also created the telegram and twitter accounts. He has invested in QBS and has a few nodes running to support the network.
infinite404Web Development
infinite404 can always see the light in the end of the tunnel
Mindsignals is a DevOps manager and former software developer with interests in crypto and mining. He was an early Qbase investor and has been involved with the project for most of its duration.
Crypto enthusiast, basic scripting skills, long time miner/builder.
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